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Wheat Eye Pillow

Wheat Eye Pillow


Wheat Eye Pillow


A versatile wheat pack for all over body application. Use hot therapy to relax or soothe sore muscles. Use as a yoga eye pillow or as natural pain relief to soothe aches and pains. Use moist deep heat for dry eyes. Can be chilled to apply to puffy and tired eyes. Made in a beautiful Liberty Print Fabric.


Size: 26x11cm // Weight: 190g


Eye Pillow for hot & cold therapy for body application.  It can be used at room temperature any time you feel the need to rest.

Weighted eye pillow for meditation and pain relief. These small pillows are used during yoga and meditation or as a warm compress to relieve cramps, ear aches and migraines.

Can be used hot or cold. Microwave safe. 


Scenting - All Wheat Packs come unscented and are suitable for sensitive skin. Use the FionAroma aromatherapy pulse point oil to balance mood, stimulate happiness, reduce stress, improve low mood, and promote inner peace. They can be applied to pulse points at the temples, neck, and wrists. Gently roll the oil on to the skin and inhale the scent for a natural mood boost.  Do not apply oil directly to the wheat pack.


Heating - Our heat packs can be heated in the microwave. Heat on a clean surface according to the times listed below. Keep hydrated by placing a heat proof container of water alongside the bag. Alternatively sprinkle with water before heating. Retains heat for up to 40 minutes. Leave bag to cool down before before reheating.

Eye Pillow - Microwave: 30 seconds at 600W, 

Make sure the wheat bag can rotate freely in the microwave. Do not overheat.


Cooling - Place the bag in a freezer proof container and freezer for a minimum of 1 hour. For long term storage, keep product in freezer to maintain ultimate freshness.



Do not overheat

Ensure the microwave turntable turns freely with the bag on it and is not obstructed

Do not use grill or oven settings in the mircrowave

Never leave the bag unattended when heating

Do not reheat until completely cooled down

Leave the bag to cool on a non-combustible surface such as a kitchen draining board 

Do not allow the wheat to dry out otherwise it could burn.

Rehydrate the wheat by placing an ovenproof container of water along with the bag in the microwave or oven to create steam, alternatively sprinkle the bag with water before heating

There is no time limit for cooling the bag in the freezer

The bag can be stored in the freezer long term


How To Use

Microwave: 30 seconds 600W

To use as cold pack, freeze for a minimum of 30 minutes

Use at room temperature at anytime

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