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crafts luxury and natural skincare made with essential oils.

About the brand.

FionAroma is a small company with a huge vision: we want to revolutionise the way that people care for their skin. Embracing the power of nature and essential oils, our founder - Fiona - lovingly crafts exquisite pots of harmony from her home in Hampshire, UK.

Our aim is to show how nourishing your skin enables you to nourish your soul. How, by engaging our touch and smell senses, we can create an holistic experience that calms, nurtures and rejuvenates.

All of our products are handmade, organic, of the highest quality and enriched with carefully chosen aromatherapy oils. Utterly irresistible, our beautiful blends are sure to lift your spirit, open your heart and relax your mind.

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Organic skincare

About Fiona.

Fiona is a qualified beauty therapist and aromatherapist with over 20 years of caring for clients in her wheelhouse. In 2022, she launched FionAroma after being asked by countless customers whether she had any of her own products that they could take on home with them.

Wellbeing and a loving attention to detail sits at the heart of everything Fiona does. From matching the right essential oils with their best quality ingredient counterpart, to balancing the aromas of various oils to spark positive reactions in the brain, her entire process is centred on enhancing the mind, body and spirit.

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‘Hey there - I’m Fiona, and with FionAroma I hope to change the world of skincare… One natural, handmade pot of harmony at a time.’

“Did you know that the nose can detect over ONE TRILLION different scents? Amazing, right? We also process smells in the same regions of our brain that are responsible for emotion, motivation, pleasure, attraction and memory. So, it stands to reason that the right kind of aromas can have an enormous impact on our emotional health and wellbeing.

My hope is that my pure, handmade products give people some ‘me time’. A moment to relax and indulge that will linger far beyond the actual act of massaging these natural products into their skin. I do what I do because I want to help people feel (and live) better. To be more relaxed. At ease. As if everything's going to be okay. I truly believe that skincare - made with love and carefully chosen essential oils - can achieve that.”

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